The Debt Advice Agency look at all debt exit strategies to help you get out of debt.


We have a friendly team of debt advisors with numerous years of industry experience. An advisor will be able to spend time with you, carefully running through your current financial circumstances to identify the most appropriate way of assisting you with your debt problem. If you are looking for patient, discreet and non-judgemental advice from someone who understands your day-to- day situation, we are here to help. We will give clear, honest, and balanced debt advice without any obligation. We do not directly provide debt solutions and we never charge you personally for any of our services. Where appropriate, we offer no-obligation referrals to trusted, fully regulated providers of appropriate solutions and receive a referral fee from debt solution providers for any successful customer referrals.

The Money Advice Service is an impartial service set up by the Government to help people manage their money. To find out more about free debt advice, debt counselling, debt adjustment and credit information services, visit


At Debt Advice Agency we advise on a wide range of debt solutions so you have a choice. We will check what you qualify for and recommend what solution will be the most affordable and manageable for you. Below are some of the debt solutions we advise on.


An IVA is a UK (excludes Scotland) formal solution which could benefit you if have over £5000 of unsecured debts. Lending and expenditure is restricted during an IVA and your credit rating will be affected.


A type of formal insolvency for those with little prospect of repaying their debts in a reasonable timeframe. Debts are cleared after required fees are paid and upon successful completion. Bankruptcy can have lasting effects and will negatively effect your credit rating. You may petition for your own bankruptcy or a bankruptcy order may be applied for by one of your creditors if you cannot pay what is owed to them.


A DMP is an informal debt solution which helps you to pay off qualifying unsecured debts by completing a term of affordable and regular payments which cover all included debts. Interest and charges may be reduced/frozen. Your credit rating will be affected.


A Trust Deed is a formal solution which clears the balances of your qualifying unsecured debts after a successful set term (usually four years) of fixed payments. A Trust Deed is only for residents of Scotland and will have an effect on your credit rating.


A Debt Relief Order is specifically designed for people with low income and low-value assets, helping them clear qualifying debts after paying a one-off fee of £90 and following a set DRO period (usually one year). Your credit rating will be affected.

Why Choose Us?

If you need professional debt help, it’s important that you choose the right company.

You will be in good hands with The Debt Advice Agency; as an Appointed Representative of an FCA Regulated Firm, we believe in honesty and integrity when dealing with clients’ financial needs. We make sure that we give each customer the time they need - choosing any debt consolidation product is an important financial decision, so our advisors will explain each available option in detail to make sure it meets your needs. We pride ourselves in the fact that each client is assigned a dedicated advisor, so you can always speak to the person who knows your situation whenever you need our help.

We are completely UK Based.

If you need help and do not know where to turn, we are here for you. Call 01209 340090 (UK standard rate) to speak to one of our specialist debt team.

The Debt Advice Agency - we are here to help


Amazing weight has been lifted from our family we can now enjoy life knowing our debts are sorted thankyou debt advise Recommend a few friends n they agree too

Stacey Parkes - 08/09/17

The company are fantastic the staff are amazing always polite and the services are amazing they really know there stuff

Anthony Lee - 01/03/17

This is the best thing i ever did all my debts in 1 low monthly payment and the advisors are so so helpful and talk you through every step with you i recommend if advice is needed us these ppl are great

Lorraine Hinks - 12/07/17

The most helpful person I've ever spoke to in my life! Thank you so much Jason for your help today. You responded so quickly to my message and rang me even sooner. It's a massive weight lifted off my shoulders knowing everything should hopefully be sorted within the next month or so! Honestly cannot thank you enough.

Courtney Rowe 07/06/19

Absolutely fantastic. Jason and Liam helped my partner and I no end. They got back to us when they said they would, they were very friendly helpful and got on with things quickly. thank you so much 13 March 2018

Vee Crossley - 13/03/18

Here is where we are based..